In the event of a loss, you can contact our office or the insurance company directly to file the claim. Click below for a listing of insurance company claim telephone numbers.
Insurance Companies

We will need the following information to initiate a claim:

  • Date that the damages occurred (date of loss)
  • Address of the damaged location or location of accident
  • Contact name & number for adjuster to call
  • Be prepared to describe loss and the extent of damages

Once the claim is received, an in-house adjuster will be assigned.

They will contact you within 24-48 business hours to obtain more detailed information about the loss and discuss the claim process with you.

In the Event of Property Loss

  • Report the loss immediately. The insurance contract requires notification as soon as possible after a loss.
  • Make necessary temporary repairs to prevent further damages such as covering the roof, boarding up the windows to prevent additional interior water damage , or removing fallen debris.
  • Retain receipts for the repairs and provide copies to the adjuster.
  • DO NOT make permanent repairs to your damaged property unless the adjuster has reviewed your claim and given permission to restore your property.
  • When it can be done safely, take photographs of the damages. This will help you with the presentation of your claim and will assist the adjuster in the investigation.
  • Pre-loss pictures are also helpful in documenting your loss.